3 Successful SMS Marketing Case Studies

18 July 2013

1. Orange Mobile

Orange launched their ‘Orange Wednesdays’ scheme back in 2003 and it’s still going strong. The scheme offers Orange customers 2 for 1 tickets to use on a Wednesday to see any film at any Odeon cinema. On a Wednesday, the customer texts the keyword ‘FILM’ to the short code ‘241’ at a cost of 35p. They receive an SMS coupon within a matter of seconds entitling them to this offer which they simply have to show when they purchase their tickets on the door. In addition, the same coupon can now be used to claim 2 for 1 on meals at Pizza Express by showing the same text code as used at Odeon.

Customer benefits:

• Reduced cost of cinema tickets

• Reduced cost of meals at Pizza Express without the need for an additional code

Company benefits:

• Extra incentive and unique perks to becoming an Orange mobile customer

• Partnership with two other successful companies at the low cost of providing an SMS service

2. Domino’s Pizza

After ordering online, customers are encouraged to enter in their mobile number and opt-in to receive future promotions via SMS from their preferred Domino’s store. Domino’s then send regular offers and coupons to customers as well as information about regular promotions for them to use the next time they order.

Customer benefits:

• Reduced cost of future orders

• Free and convenient information about their local Domino’s store straight to their phone

Company benefits:

• Increased likelihood of repeat purchases and customer loyalty over rival competitors

• Valuable access to customer data through tracking mobile coupon usage

3. Barclay’s Bank

Barclay’s offer an SMS service to their customers that allows them to opt-in to receive a range of different alerts relating to their account activity. These alerts are highly customisable offering notifications on anything from large credit and debit payments to weekly balance updates and alerts when customers are approaching their limit.

Customer benefits:

• Instant notifications to avoid going overdrawn

• Decreased likelihood of becoming a victim of fraud

Company benefits:

• Increased customer satisfaction rates over competitors

• Quicker response to errors and suspicious activity following prompts from customers

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