10 Unusual Text Marketing Methods

14 August 2014

Here are some interesting and unusual ways to use SMS marketing to promote your business:

  1. Text-to-screen: Nightclubs, music venues, and sports stadiums can all use a text-to-screen service to create a positive atmosphere between attendees and as an additional income. Users can send a text message to a specific short code which will then appear on screens around the venue. This is a great idea for attendees who are celebrating a special occasion or for a themed ‘singles night’ in a club where the screen can have the potential to play matchmaker.
  2. Real time messaging: SMS messages sent to customers in real time will allow businesses to fill available appointment slots and prevent them from losing out on profit, while customers can squeeze in appointments quickly and at times that are convenient to them. This service would work well for dentists, hair and beauty salons, opticians and even for plumbers and window cleaners.
  3. Trade show networking via SMS: Companies hosting or appearing at trade shows can use SMS to send out links containing details of companies that will be there as well as an event timetable. This service can also be used to send out general information and updates about the event such as the registration process and contact details. An SMS message could even serve as an entrance ticket.
  4. Text alerts for your latest blog post or publication: Those who write a regular blog or publication can increase viewing figures by sending out text alerts to allow subscribers to know when new content has been published and to urge current readers to share this content with their contacts.
  5. Appointment reminders: To decrease the amount of no shows and, as a result, the amount of money wasted, companies that operate an appointment service can send out reminders so that customers can cancel or reschedule if necessary.
  6. Charity donations: Charity organisations can use SMS to collect donations and also to provide information about the cause they are supporting or to provide details about upcoming fundraising events.
  7. SMS marketing for sports venues: SMS can be used in a variety of ways by sports venues to target fans. Anything from reminders about upcoming events to providing them with their mobile ticket code and seating details to enter the stadium. Sports venues can also use SMS as an opportunity to promote merchandise sales and 2for1 discounts on food and drink.
  8. Band announcements: Music artists often have a very loyal following so SMS is a great way to tap into an eager audience who would love to receive updates and information on new tour dates, merchandise, ticket releases and competitions relating to the artist.
  9. Reserve a table: Restaurants can use a mobile service to allow customers to make table reservations as well as offering discounts to further increase incentive to dine at their restaurant.
  10. App promotion: SMS can be a great way to promote a new app that is available for download by providing a link to the download page or even a discount for existing app users.

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