Small Businesses – Be Prepared for the Growth of Mobile Marketing

10 December 2012

When Martin Cooper made a call from the world’s first handheld mobile telephone in 1973 no one could have predicted just how advanced mobile technology would become in future decades. The number of mobile handsets in the world now reaches into the billions and it is a multi-billion dollar market. It’s no wonder then that many businesses are looking to take advantage of the huge number of readily available consumers by incorporating mobile marketing into their overall campaign strategies.

As mobile technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, so too does the way in which businesses use mobile marketing to target their customers. The introduction of smartphones and other advanced mobile devices has taken the mobile market by storm in recent years, and has dramatically changed the way in which consumers interact. This has also led to an even greater surge in mobile marketing as businesses and brands hurry to get the hang of the latest technology.

With leading mobile competitors including Apple continuing to develop and release products such as the latest iPhone and iPad mini, it is clear for all to see that the mobile market is showing no signs of slowing down for 2013. It is now more important than ever for companies to adapt to this lucrative and diverse market. However, studies show that many small businesses are still not getting involved with mobile marketing which is preventing them from attaining their full customer reach.

There is still time to integrate an intelligent mobile marketing plan into your overall strategy using some simple and effective measures in preparation for Christmas and the New Year. Make sure you make 2013 the year that you open your prospects to the world of mobile.

Some important points to remember about mobile:

  • Many searches undertaken by consumers on their mobiles are to look for local attractions such as places to eat or shop. Make sure you aren’t losing customers to your competitors by not having your business visible on the web.
  • The mobile market is showing no signs of slowing down and the profit margin raked in by many businesses using mobile marketing is increasing year upon year.
  • Mobile usage is starting to overtake desktop usage. Ensure that your web content is mobile friendly so you aren’t missing out on potential customers.
  • SMS messages continue to be the preferred method of contact for most Britons. Tap into this statistic by targeting to your customers via SMS marketing.

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