Make Your SMS Campaigns Measurable

19 January 2012

We’re happy to announce the launch of our first in-depth guide to help you make the most of your SMS marketing.

A recent study by the British Office for National Statistics showed that 45% of internet users used a mobile phone to connect to the internet in 2011, and that percentage is set to grow year-on-year.

With the rise of mobile internet access comes the increased opportunity to interact with your customers beyond Short Codes or prompts to call-back, with a campaign specific website or web page accessed via a link in your SMS message.

The Power of Data

If you or your business carry out online marketing you’ll no doubt appreciate the power of Google Analytics and the data it collects to help you refine and improve your marketing activity. However, there’s no clear and easy way to collect similar data for an offline campaign such as SMS marketing.

With traditional SMS marketing the amount of information you get back can be quite limited, but imagine if you could answer these questions:

  • How many people interact with my campaign?
  • Did they visit my website?
  • Did this visit turn into a sale or conversion?
  • What percentage of people visited the website more than once?
  • What’s the time lag between receiving a message and visiting my website?
  • Which wording is most effective to encourage interaction?
  • At what time of the day are people most receptive to my type of SMS messages?

How useful would that be to your marketing team?

Our guide talks you through the setup process, so questions like these can be answered and used to make more informed marketing decisions.

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