SMS Services for Schools and Colleges

21 June 2012

SMS services can be used by schools and colleges for a variety of reasons to help with day to day running and keeping students and techers informed – a few examples of where this would be useful include:

  • Notification of unplanned closures
  • Inform students of class cancellations
  • Exam time and location reminders
  • Sending out important announcements

Informing staff and students of closures etc can prove a time consuming administrative task traditionally, however, by using SMS alerts you can reach most people instantly.

There are two main ways of sending out SMS alerts in these situations; TextOnline and TextMail.

TextOnline: Using TextAnywhere’s TextOnline service, you can simply login to your account on any PC’s internet browser, add your message and send it to any amount of mobile numbers as an SMS. The TextOnline service comes with a number of benefits:

  1. Send messages to groups of recipients in seconds
  2. Create personal address books
  3. Receive replies to your messages through your online account, email or mobile phone
  4. Build message templates to be used in future
  5. Multiple logins for your account to share with other staff members
  6. Track delivery status – know when and if a message is received

TextMail: Using TextAnywhere’s TextMail service allows you to send out SMS messages in the same way you would send out emails and is compatible with all email applications. There are 3 simple steps to use this service once your account is set up;

  1. Write your email; the email should only contain the message you want to send. Longer messages can be sent by email, but this will result in a number of SMS’s being received to accommodate your full email. A note to remember is that there are only 160 characters per SMS page.
  2. When sending the email to the text exchange, you will need to include all the recipients mobile numbers in the ‘To’ field as well – mobile numbers should be entered as [email protected] (exact details are provided when you set up your account)
  3. The text exchange will then verify your details and extract the message and recipients numbers to send the message out straight away.

When using our services you only ever pay for the messages you send, there are no set up fees or any hidden charges. If you would like more information on our services why not call a member of our team on 0845 1221 302 who will be happy to advise you on the best service for your needs.

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