Managing your Customer Services through SMS

1 September 2014

How your company manages customer service enquiries is a key part of how it is seen by customers. With the advent of smartphones there are opportunities to engage with customers in new ways that are creative, cost effective and convenient. By using the channels that consumers use in their day to day lives you can help build loyalty to your company and persuade people to spend more on your products and services.

A survey from the Mobile Marketing Association found that 95% of SMS text messages were read within 15 minutes and that the response rate from contact via text was up to ten times higher than for more traditional methods. If you want to impress customers with your approach to enquiries then using an online SMS service like TextOnline from TextAnywhere is a good way to achieve this. It allows you to respond in a way that customers will see quickly.

Promptly responding to enquiries is a good way to get customers to purchase from you in the first place, but the usefulness of SMS doesn’t end there. It’s vital to try and retain customers once they’ve made their first purchase. Various estimates have been made, but the consensus is that it costs at least three times as much to find a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. Keeping customers up to date with your products and services via SMS can be an excellent way to ensure that your company remains on their mind.

Another excellent use for SMS is to help engage and re-engage customers with your services. TextAnywhere’s TextSurvey service allows you to send out a survey via SMS and collect the data back in. A well-constructed survey can be extremely useful in helping you to improve your products and your customer service. It can also help to build a dialogue with consumers whereby they start to associate themselves with your company and hopefully start recommending your services to others. This is precisely how TextAnywhere has grown as a business, with 71% of our new clients having had our services recommended to them by existing clients.

Our service is reliable and cost effective, allowing you to serve your customers how you want, when you want. We also offer rapid response friendly Customer Service Monday to Friday so feel free to call us on 08451 221 302, or email our Customer Service Team directly.

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