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Which city in the UK is most keen to return to the gym

From April 12, all non-essential shops opened, as well as beauty salons, hairdressers and fitness centres. With gyms opening in England from the Monday, fitness studios and clubs across the country are getting ready to welcome members back with social distancing…

How sports and leisure businesses can use surveys to drive member engagement

During the pandemic gym memberships have reduced by 24%. To help businesses identify areas for improvement and better gauge member satisfaction prior to reopening, we’ve detailed ideas and question templates for surveys.

Communication tips for leisure centre’s preparing for reopening

Following a largely successful series of “showroom sites”, many are hopeful that an official reopen date will be confirmed for fitness and leisure centre's very soon. But for reopening to be successful, effective communication with customers and members is essential. With this in mind, we have collated some campaign ideas to create a buzz around reopening, and support business communications regarding guideline adherence.

How can gyms successfully communicate with their members post-lockdown?

For gyms to successfully reopen, they need to be able to effectively communicate new safety protocols to members. Our latest infographic details how this can be achieved with SMS.

How can gyms support their members during the pandemic?

Gyms and fitness studios need to be flexible and respond to the pandemic digitally. Here's how a mobile messaging strategy can help to get messages out to the largest audience in the fastest time.