Public Sector

Why SMS should form part of local governments’ emergency communication strategy

From road closures and health alerts to adverse weather warnings and protest notifications, local authorities face a multitude of threats which require emergency comms for staff and residents. Here's how a mobile messaging strategy can help to get messages out to the largest audience in the fastest time.

How local authorities can help manage crises through effective communication

It is vital that governments lead the way with effective communication in times of crisis. Both tone and content are important considerations and getting this balance right was what led Italy to report a developed attitude of awareness amongst citizens. See our tips below for timely, accurate and transparent risk communication.

How Mobile Messaging Can Play a Role in the General Election

Theressa May’s recent announcement that the next General Election will take place on Thursday 8th June has forced all political parties to act fast and think about their campaigning, which is in many ways the political version of marketing. SMS marketing…