CM2000 continue theme of practical innovation and select TextAnywhere as partner for integrated text messaging within the CallConfirmLive! service

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CM2000 provides solutions and services for call monitoring, homecare monitoring and lone worker safety. Through its CallConfirmLive! service, CM2000 has become the market leader with over 150 sites using its services to provide better and more efficient home care delivery.

Client’s use CallConfirmLive! service to log, analyse, and report on home visits made by its care workers. The patented AURA technology that underpins the CallConfirmLive! service recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

  • Market leader
  • 150 sites using its services
  • Efficient home care services

“CM2000 have a strong commitment to quality of service, particularly given the critical nature of the service being delivered by our clients to their communities. And TextAnywhere has supported us in the provision of a reliable and robust text service.”

Chris Jackson – Technical Director at CM2000


Users based within a particular home care provider needed to be able to select one or more care workers from within the application, compose a message, press send and have the SMS message dispatched to its recipients immediately. With CallConfirmLive! being in use across the UK, the messages also had to appear on the recipient’s handset as coming from the particular home care provider that sent the message, rather an unrecognisable name or number.

TextAnywhere CM2000 SMS Example
*This is an example text message. This exact copy was not used by the customer.


“TextAnywhere was recommended to us. We used their well-documented Developer Toolkit APIs to integrate the sending of text messages within CallConfirmLive!” added Chris Jackson. “The integration was very quick and easy.”

Users can now simply right-click on a contact (either a carer or a supervisor), compose a message or select a message template and then send for immediate delivery. Users also have access to an audit trail of all sent messages and each message’s delivery status.

Project Successes

“The text feature of CallConfirmLive! has been very well received by our clients and the application’s users. It is now completely relied upon as a valuable, swift and low-cost means of carer communication,” commented Chris Jackson.

The addition of text messaging has also significantly helped with instances where an alternate carer is required due to, for example, a colleague’s illness. A text message to a pool of alternates can swiftly be dispatched and a potential replacement found.

Range of Services

TextAnywhere empower organisations across both the commercial and public sectors to communicate better with text messaging services that enable the sending and receiving of SMS messages, through online and email applications. 

They also offer a Developer Toolkit for clients to integrate texting into their own applications, as well as a White Label service for partners who wish to offer TextAnywhere’s services as their own, to find out more email us at [email protected].

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