Why SMS marketing still feels new and why you should start using it

11 February 2014

The consumer has become increasingly savvy and now screens out more than half the advertising they encounter. Billboards, magazine adverts and even TV ad breaks now pass over their heads as they have developed the art of simply ignoring the message.

SMS marketing, though, has a way of breaking the chain of indifference and as such still feels like a new and exciting medium for marketers everywhere. The consumer must look at the phone, read the message and act upon it. Most messages are received within seven seconds, there is no real spam filter to contend with, and there’s almost no other medium where you can enjoy that speed and predictability of delivery.

There are a number of uses, from sending a message to a list of prospective buyers about a property that is up for sale through to schools informing parents of a day’s closure. An SMS can be sent to a handful of people or thousands, it depends purely on your needs and it remains one of the most flexible methods of delivering your message.

With phones getting more advanced the SMS is often merely the start, too, as an SMS can direct customers to a web offer with the help of a code and there’s no need for them to switch to a computer to see the full details. As phones get even more advanced and integrated into our daily life, the potential is set to increase even more.

Text message marketing is remarkably cost effective, is easy to set-up and offers solid analytic tools that help you tailor your campaigns for an even greater ROI. With TextAnywhere there are no set-up fees, monthly charges or support costs, so you simply pay for the messages you send and that makes for a simple calculation in terms of your returns.

As it is proven to be effective, text message marketing has grown in strength in recent years and is now considered an essential part of any effective campaign. If you don’t use it, you absolutely should, and be prepared to be amazed by the results.

Whether it’s a simple automated texting service, email to SMS, SMS shortcode numbers and keywords to help your client respond more easily and more, TextAnywhere can help you create an SMS marketing campaign that will give you the conversion rates you simply cannot imagine. For more information, call us on 08451 221 302, or email [email protected].

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