What business should use Text Message Marketing?

27 August 2014

As mobile technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, so too does the way in which businesses use mobile marketing to target their customers. The absolute inflation of mobile usage on smart phones and even tablets has radically changed the way in which consumers interact with brands and businesses. This has also led to an even greater surge in mobile marketing as businesses and brands hurry to get the hang of the latest technology. However it is stepping back to basics that can actually work out the most successful option for a marketing strategy. Texting consumers allows you to directly reach them on a more personal and sentimental level

With this in mind, TextAnywhere would recommend that ANY business use text message services! If you have any form of communication with either customers or even internally, your business can benefit from using text message marketing. It provides instant and immediate contact with your audience and more importantly, in bulk. The cost and time consumption of this service is both equally very low. It is therefore that TextAnywhere’s SMS services can be utilised by both small and large companies, within any industry, reach and scope.

Here is an example of some of the industries which have and currently are benefitting from Text Message Marketing:


Restaurants find this service particularly useful when offering one off deals, promotions or simply want to encourage customers into their restaurant in quieter periods.


This service is particularly good for hospitals as appointment reminders and dates can be forwarded straight to patients, for a small sum, knowing that the information will be delivered straight to the mobile phone with enhanced confidence on confidentiality

Clubs and organisations

Any club or organisation can use this service to send out reminders for upcoming events, changes of locations of venues. Because the messages can be segmented into specific groups, clubs are able to make the most of this for different sectors of their organisation.


Charities are able to greatly benefit from this service for many reasons. The main reason is the low cost alternative of text message marketing compared to other commercial forms of marketing. Charities can also receive donations through text message.

Ecommerce & Retail

Voucher codes, one off sales and new items coming into stock are just a few of the ways in which retail businesses are able to make the most of online SMS services.

Pubs, Bars and Clubs

Pubs and Bars are able to keep their customers up to date with special events and acts which are happening throughout the year. Also special drinks offers and discount codes can be sent out through this service.


Warehouses can use this service to keep track of deliveries between business to customers for a more reliable and trustworthy service. A customer is able to find out when and where their delivery was dispatched and when they should expect it.

These are just a select few of the industries which are able to benefit from the TextAnywhere service. For more information and inspiration, head to our Use Cases and Case Studies.

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