Using TextAnywhere for the Automotive Industry

19 June 2014

TextAnywhere’s services can pretty much be used in any business for any situation which involves engaging with your customer database and notifying them with any information. The automobile industry is rapidly evolving in scope and reach, both with new technology, new models, even ways in which people shop for their cars and much, much more. In order to keep up with these changes and keep your customers involved with these updates, offers and news happening within your business, TextAnywhere is able to bridge the communication gap.

For instance using TextAnywhere’s TextCampaign scheme lets car dealers, traders, manufacturers and mechanics simply gather their database of members and send out a bulk SMS message to all customers that will reach their mobile phones within seconds. There are many reasons for implementing this service. For example keeping track of your customers in regards to which group purchased which vehicle allows for segmented and targeted message send outs regarding that particular model and the enquiry around it.  If there is an offer on free insurance for a specific model for a limited period only, the SMS message can be sent out instantly to those specific car owners, offering this deal.

Another way in which the Automobile industry can benefit from using SMS marketing is if there is a launch for a new model of vehicle coming out. This can be used create a hype around the launch as well as a different means of announcing it. These can be sent out to any number of recipients depending on what works for you and your business. The customers receiving these messages can respond to the texts accordingly and instantly. These will be sent back to your email inbox.

The automobile industry could also benefit from using other SMS services that TextAnywhere provides to contact their customers. This service is called TextInbound. This particular package would provide your business with a unique 11-digit phone number that will allow your customers to get in touch directly with you, not only by text message. This service can be used to remind customers they need to renew their insurance, if their MOT is coming up for renewal as well as any discounts etc. that your business is currently offering. TextAnywhere texts messaging service, when used correctly, are secure and confidential, a bonus for both you and your customers.

For more information on how TextAnywhere’s range of SMS products can help to improve your marketing campaign for your business, please visit our website or call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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