Fall in love with Mobile Marketing this Valentine’s Day

27 January 2016


According to Wonderslist, Valentine’s Day is the fifth most celebrated holiday around the world, with a predicted £1.9 billion being spent on the occasion last year, as stated by dating site eHarmony.

A recent survey by Chilli Sauce showed that 51% of women asked believed the point in Valentine’s Day is to ‘show how much you care’, whilst 29% of men agreed with this sentiment. So why not utilise this love-ly time of year and with Valentine’s approaching take this opportunity to not only to thank your customers but also express how much you appreciate their loyalty. To provide some inspiration (and we love playing Cupid)we have written the following 5 points helping you to share the love with SMS this Valentines and beyond.

Don’t Forget!

53% of women have said they would possibly end their relationship if they didn’t receive a gift from their partner! Use this to your advantage by sending SMS Reminders– particularly now the date is fast approaching. For example Florists can remind consumers in advance of their special offers or promotions. Or remind customers when the dates are to order to assure timely purchases. Not only will this increase sales, by helping customers with a simple SMS they will value the service provided further. 

Mobile Resolution

2015 was the year that mobile search over took desktop, and this is constantly increasing. By ensuring your website is mobile friendly, you’re safeguarding the chance for last minute bookings or orders for those who may have been a little side-tracked. Send your customers a text-message which includes a shortened link to your landing page and make it as easy as possible for them to place an order or reservation. This will help increase web traffic, potential sales and customer satisfaction by making your service simple and efficient.

Give the Perfect Gift 

Whilst many couples will buy gifts for each other, this doesn’t mean they won’t buy gifts  that they can enjoy together. In fact 27% of women think a holiday is the perfect gift and 15% stated a spa treatment is their ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. Travel agents and spa’s can make use of this opportunity by promoting weekend breaks or special offers by SMS that couples can enjoy together.

Share the Love

No matter what industry your business is in you can still use Valentine’s Day as a marketing opportunity. Take this opportunity to build your SMS service list by offering special discounts and exclusive offers to those subscribe. Once you have built your mailing list you can send out bulk messages to your subscription list and schedule these in for the future.

Remember it’s not all about couples!

Whilst Valentine’s Day may be a great opportunity to promote your products and increase sales to those in relationships, we shouldn’t forget about those who are single on Valentine’s Day. Encourage singletons to celebrate Valentine’s Day by treating themselves to some gifts with your special discount codes. It could also be the perfect time for someone to set up their dating profile, so why not give them a helping hand in finding someone special? For example, you could offer discount rates, and encourage people to sign up by using our short-code and keyword service.

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching beat the rush and set up your SMS Marketing Campaign today. For more details about TextAnywhere or if you require additional information about how SMS Marketing can benefit your organisation please contact us today at 0845 122 1302 or email us at [email protected].

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