How SMS can help fill job vacancies effectively and fast

5 February 2016


The recruitment industry is a highly competitive business to make sure they position the right candidate in the right time frame to their clients. In addition for job seekers to be “that” candidate who is put forward and hopefully secure their dream job.

SMS Marketing can be the perfect solution to enable recruitment agencies to find and place the right candidates. 90% of recruitment agencies have claimed text messaging has helped their business grow. Over 340,000 people in the UK have already opted into receive weekly communications from recruitment agencies. With text-messaging offering a quicker response rate as well as an open rate of 98% (Mobile Marketing Watch) – sms is a powerful and efficient marketing tool.

Here are 5 ways in which recruitment agencies can implement and benefit from text-messaging as part of their marketing strategy therefore ensuring a solid ROI! 

  • Job Alerts

When an applicant decides to join your recruitment agency, why not offer candidates – an opportunity to receive text message alerts detailing suitable opportunities relevant to them. This could be included as part of the application process, such as simply ticking a box to opt-in to receive text message alerts outlining relevant full time or part time jobs. In addition when sending out a job opportunity via a Text Message implement a short-code and keyword which will make it easier and quicker to capture potential candidates interest in the role- for example text “JOBSEEKER” with their full name to 81025. 

  • Reminders

Once a candidate has secured an interview with a prospective employer, recruitment agencies can send SMS reminders. This service is a reliable way of ensuring the candidate knows exactly when and where the interview is taking place. A simple SMS reminder can increase attendance rates by 45%! As the interview is potentially the most important part of the process, a gentle reminder may help to give peace of mind to the candidate, as well as reassurance to the employer the candidate will attend so as not to waste the hiring manager’s time waiting for a no show.

  • Temporary Roles

Many recruitment agencies offer temporary roles, which often require an immediate start, as opposed to going through the normal lengthy hiring process. By utilising our bulk SMS service, agencies can instantly send bulk messages to relevant groups of contacts, for example  send a BULK SMS to all applicable candidates looking for temp roles. Sending via SMS will mean direct delivery with hopefully a quick response to filling the position. For example, ‘Admin role in Putney – Tuesday 10am-2pm. Are you available?’ Then add in a Short Code and Keyword by which you know quickly who is interested and you can then follow up with another text with all the additional details of where to go.

  • Personalisation

When promoting both full time and temporary roles via SMS marketing, research by The UK Government “Nudging Department” has shown responses increase by personalising the message. TextCampaign, our bulk SMS tool enables you to personalise bulk messages should you wish. This is imperative for recruitment agencies to catch the right candidates, as they will feel specially selected. 

  • Candidate Surveys

Completing application forms can be tedious when you are applying for multiple jobs a day. Recruitment companies can make this process quick and effective by sending out a short SMS surveys to candidates. Surveys can be used to gain quick candidate feedback on how the interview went. Data can be captured quickly by implementing our TextSurvey tool and data can be clearly viewed with our reporting function. 95% of people said they would respond to an SMS survey request (IPSOS MORI) and over 500% people complete a survey via SMS rather than email.

These are just a few ways in which the recruitment industry can benefit from using SMS marketing. For more information or advice on how your business can benefit from SMS Marketing or additional information about TextAnywhere please contact us on 08451 221 302 or request a Free Trial.

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