Using SMS for last minute sales and offers

6 July 2017

Regardless of the industry, SMS marketing has proven to be one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools available, which can be used by all types of businesses to correspond with and draw in their customers. If your goal is to attract new business, enhance customer loyalty and persuade them to keep coming back, then SMS is absolutely the way to go to achieve this! This has been evidenced in a recent study undertaken by Internet Retailer, which revealed that 77% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers texting.

With this in mind, and due to the immediacy and rapid rate of sending SMS, it is the ideal medium to inform your target audience of last minute flash sales, offers, promotions and alerts. So, when timed right, it has the potential to be the key to your businesses success!

With Salesforce reporting that 58% of companies surveyed now have a dedicated mobile marketing team, it is undeniable that more and more businesses have recognised the value of communicating with customers this way. Below is just a small handful of examples, showing how different organisations can use SMS marketing to run a success last little flash sale/promotion.

Travel and Tourism

Who would turn down a discounted, exclusive holiday? With the cost of flights and hotels often skyrocketing during certain times of the year, savvy holiday seekers are always on the hunt for a bargain holiday package. Therefore, companies in the travel and tourism industry have the perfect opportunity spark interest and boost sales by sending out last minute deals via SMS.

Whether this is a last minute text to fill up the remaining empty seats on a flight, or, if you are a hotel, perhaps to ensure any extra rooms are occupied! By using our innovative Text Campaign marketing tool, you can send out bulk messages with timely deals to ensure each place is filled! This has proven to be a much more efficient way to reach customers than by email. In fact, according to a recent study carried out by Impact, 70% of consumers are likely to delete an email which comes through on their phone, as opposed to a text


Our Text Campaign service is also a great tool for retailers. You can reach your target audience in an instant with promotions that just can’t be missed! By announcing a last-minute flash sale, retailers have the potential to significantly boost sales, which is particularly useful if you’re experiencing a quiet period. Bricks and Mortar stores can use it to help encourage traffic, which is becoming increasingly difficult due to the rise in e-commerce. It’s also an excellent way to ensure your retailer is kept in the minds of your customers, especially if there is an appealing incentive attached to it!

Additionally, personalising the message is also a potent way to improve brand loyalty, as it will make your existing customers feel valued and therefore more inclined to make a purchase. For example, ‘Hey Amy, we noticed you were searching for swimwear! Do head over to our site to check out our 24-hour holiday sale- up to 50% everything!’

A great feature of our Text Campaign service is the option to send out the SMS at different times during the day or over a time window. Not only will this keep the momentum of the campaign going and spark customer interest, but it will also enable you to establish the most efficient times and days to send the message – after analysing the previous sales results once the message has been sent out.


SMS is also a great promotional tool for restaurants and eateries, creating a buzz in the desired area and giving you the ultimate edge over your competition!

By using our short-code keyword service, you could send out tempting offers, such as ‘Text ‘PIZZAFRIDAY’ to 34092 to receive 40% off your next meal!’

Not only is this a highly effective way to entice existing and potential customers into visiting your eatery, but it is also an excellent way to collect their information, thus building up a database, which can be used to your advantage in the future. The more customers on your database, the more people you have available to automatically receive the latest offers, encouraging the spread of positive word of mouth and ultimately boosting sales!

With this in mind, after collecting this data, you might find it highly beneficial to use our Text Survey service. This will enable you to swiftly send out a message and gather valuable feedback from your customers on their experience with the sale, helping you to ensure the next one is even more of success!

Essentially, due to exceptionally high open rate and speed of delivery compared to other methods of communication, SMS marketing has the potential to provide a business with a perfect tool to engage with the target market and offer real value. It’s versatile, powerful and flexible!

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