Why SMS Marketing Is Still Relevant In 2012

12 June 2012

With the rapid advancements in mobile technology, and subsequently greater access to the internet available on mobile phones, this has opened up all sorts of different marketing options in the mobile environment. Some examples of these are mobile applications, in-game advertising and dedicated mobile web pages to name a few. It may appear now that SMS marketing is out of date, or an irrelevant method of communication however, SMS is still a brilliant tool for marketing and remains the most universal mobile medium to date.

SMS enables you to send marketing communications to practically any phone unlike with mobile apps, or use of the internet, where compatible software and data usage limits are key limiting factors. SMS marketing has far more potential reach amongst the 91% of adults who own/use a mobile phone in the UK (Ofcom; Q4 2011).

The open rates for SMS messages are amongst the highest across any form of marketing. Frost & Sullivan 2010 & Epsilon 2009 reports found that compared to Email marketing, which has an average open rate of 22%, the huge 98% open rate of SMS messages is even more impressive.

Another recent study found the click through rate (CTR) of URLs included in SMS messages is 19% which compares to a 4.2% CTR for Emails. This demonstrates that SMS marketing is not only a more engaging marketing method, but it is also more likely to drive responses that companies deem desirable than with Email marketing, which is also subject to strict spam filters, a problem that does not affect SMS marketing.

Despite SMS messaging appearing a very basic way to communicate in the mobile space, it remains a highly effective and engaging medium, with a massive potential reach.

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